Ride Again

by Skamanians

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Welcome to Ride Again, the Skamanians second album. This time it is all our own compositions and all our own home production.
100% Home Grown, Organic Skamanians.
We have made this available for no minimum price, so free if you want.
If you like and enjoy our music we would be very very pleased if you paid for it, maybe propose the band to festival organisers. After all that's what music is all about, experiencing it live. Not selling CDs and being part of the mad bad consumer music industry.

1: “Best new Ska album around, Ride Again by the Skamanians - original Ska compositions absolutely in the spirit of the 1960s.” (www.the-gonads.co.uk)

2: extracts translated from the excellent French review by La Vie en Reggae (link to full review below)
“Recorded in analogue, this album revives the wonderful sound quality of the 1960’s with a wonderful energy overflowing throughout the 13 excellent original compositions

Fronted by an explosive brass section the band develop their musical ideas, exquisitely marrying the syncopation characteristic of ska with touches of jazz and blues…

They serve up a taste of rich melodies, reinforced with impeccable interludes from the piano, saxophone, guitar and other surprises. The Skamanians sound is festive, ultimately danceable, and full of 60’s authenticity with saxophone solo’s worthy of Tommy McCook .

With this opus, the Perpignan based group scrupulously respect the traditions of Jamaican music : a gem for of all lovers of Old School Ska.

(translated from the French review)


released July 22, 2014

Gavin Hackett - Tenor Sax, Vocals & Flute (+ keys on Ghosts in the Park - spooky bit)
Caroline Landes – Baritone Sax
Benjamin Faconnier – Trumpet
Mathias Coste – Trombone
Guillaume Bouthié – Double Bass (solo hammond on My Breaking Heart)
David Vilayleck – Guitar
Sebastien Monge – Keys
Bruno Godin – Drums
Greg Balidian – trumpet solos on Ska Party & Ghosts in The Park

1. Ska Party (Hackett)
2. Ska Addict (Vilayleck)
3. Brasillia (Vilayleck)
4. Ghosts in the Park (Hackett)
5. Bop Skankin’ (Faconnier)
6. Heart Breaks (Vilayleck/Hackett)
7. Love Boat (Cavallero)
8. Dattles (Vilayleck)
9. Davids Blues (Vilayleck)
10. Doo Doo Bim (Faconnier)
11. March of the Skamanians (Hackett)
12. Play it Cool (Hackett)
13. Uncle Bastards Groove (Hackett)

Recorded @ Bac de Nialgue
Sound Engineer – Guillaume Bouthié
Mixing– Gavin Hackett & Caroline Landes
Mastering, Editing & Cover Design – Gavin Hackett
Cover photo – Pauline Trébouville
Produced by GHQ Productions


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Skamanians Perpignan, France

When 8 musicians, passionate about 1960s Jamaican ska decided to recreate those sounds together the story began and they haven’t looked back since.
In the last 3 years the band have played over 150 concerts and appeared at some of the biggest Reggae, Ska and Jazz festivals in Europe alongside many of their heros; the Skatalites, Toots and the Maytals, U Roy, Black Uhuru….

The beat goes on..
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Track Name: Ska Party
Get your coat
Get your hat
Get your dancing shoes on your feet
‘Cos I’m taking you out tonight,
There’s a ska party down the street

Are you ready?
Are you steady?
We’re going to skank till the morning light
I’m taking you to a party
We’re going to dance the night away

The bands are playing
The people swaying
Everybody is having fun
Oh my darling how I love you
My sugar sweet honey bun
Track Name: Ghosts in the Park
Ghosts in the Park

Staring out the window at the lush green fields
Never sure exactly quite how the world feels, to-day,
But they’re out there come what may, watching their kids learn how to play
In the park, what a lark, in the sun, havin' fun

Adults never realising what they’ve got
Oh they’re trying to remember better times they forgot
They lock the gates when it gets dark,
But the ghosts still play in Finsbury Park
After dark, it’s a lark, in the park, what a laugh

A shot in the dark
Another ghost for the park
I’m watching through my window
His blood stains the grass
I raise a half empty glass
To his soul as it leaves the body
At his his last dying breath
And the reaper of death
Appears, to do his duty
He leads him away, before the cold light of day
To the park where the ghosts still play

Now if you dare
I’ll meet you there
I’ll introduce you, if you like?
There’s the spooks and the kooks and the fruity old loops
The headless lady on her bike
They all like some fun
(when there’s no more sun)
A game of footie, kick off at midnight
They’re all there to see
If you’ll just follow me
In the Park where the ghosts still play

Sleeping softly dreaming deeply in my bed,
Oh there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than in my head, to-day
And they’re out there just the same, and their life’s just a big funny game
In the park, what a lark, in the sun, ‘avin fun

Running trying to fit on a Sunday morning
Me I lie in bed, with mi hangover dawning
Lock the gates when it gets dark,
Because the ghosts come out in the park

When your life’s just a big silly game
The ghosts still play in Finsbury Park,
After Dark
Track Name: Play it Cool
I play it cool
I dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive
My motto
As I live and learn
Is to dig and be dug in return

Its just a fool
Who complains about life
Makes excuses
and thrives on strife
His motto
and he’ll never learn
Is seed pain and get pain in return

And for the people,
The man on the street
The ones with nothin’
No food to eat
What’s their motto
as they strive to survive
Do what they have to & stay alive?

Because it’s big money big oil
They’re the new world order
You think they’re the ones who are gonna do what they aught’a
With Politicians, superstitions fuckin up the media
Do you really believe the bullshit that they’re feedin ya?

So try to unite we’ve got to put up a fight
Against the forces that are bleeding us
When push comes to shove, it’s the people who love that survive –
Play It Cool

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